Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dress Gothic Lolita Harajuku

Harajuku Gothic Lolita outfit today is very popular and loved not only by children but also by Japanese young people west. Call it Nicky Minaj and Gwen Stephanie. Two iconic Hollywood celebrities also looks likes showing off smelling harajuku fashion. This dress wearer would need to have a high confidence because you will immediately become the center of attention with the clothes worn. The colors are striking, hair painted with bright colors as well as excessive use of accessories that make it quite unique fashion. Here are tips that you can do when you want to wear clothing harajuku gothic Lolita.

  1. Throw away preconceptions about the style of Lolita: Many misguided and menggangap that Lolita style is associated with sexual connotations such as pedophilia. This of course is not true at all because adherents flow Lolita dress wants to present himself as a person who is in the Edwardian period, Victorian or Rococo. Impression of quiet and low care to be conveyed through the Lolita fashion style. Represented as Gothic Lolita fashion style is elegant and simple.
  2. Select Ghotic lolita in accordance with your personal: Many Japanese teens are wearing skirts to show the impression of a sweet and feminine dress Gothic Lolita Harajuku. Make sure that the skirt was two inches above the knee. Additionally select a rather heavy material that civility is maintained when the wind is blowing hard. The skirt was not in vain. Choose a pattern that has a ruffle and lively motif.
  3. Wear tight blouse: If you want to combine a skirt, select a blouse that fits the shape of your body. Avoid loose blouses or oversized look. Blouse for gothic Lolita is usually decorated by the neck and embroidered cuff. You can opt for a white blouse combined with a black skirt. The combination of black and white is very common among Japanese teenagers.
  4. Wear shoes that are dark: dark colored shoes are the ultimate choice for clothes complement harajuku gothic Lolita. You can choose the model of Mary Jane shoes. Make sure the shoes do not make you look shorter.
  5. Wear the right accessories: In order to not look boring, garnished with a variety of hair accessories. You can get inspiration from the film Alice in Wonderland. Some examples of accessories that should be used include small caps, combs, ribbons, headbands and clips. While the accessories that you can take is a frilly umbrella, domput shaped casket or crucifix.
  6. Wear a jacket: Wearing a jacket can protect you from the cold outdoor temperature. You can wear the jacket with a color that reflects the Gothic Lolita Harajuku clothes crate dark purple, black, dark blue, dark green, red or maroon.

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