Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tips on Choosing Batik Mini Dress

Batik mini dress is currently popular both among adult women and adolescents. This model offers the modern batik without having to remove the impression of unique and ethnic. Woman with bandage dress batik will look elegant and dazzling dress with the perfect piece.

Batik shirt is certainly suitable for events such fomal marriage ceremony, the party in office or family event. But there also could be used batik dress for informal events like a trip to the mall. You just need to choose a piece that is simple and simple. We will buy batik clothes in the store, there are several things to note from the price, models, colors, designs, and sizes. Mini dress you buy should match the shape of the body to look fit dibadan. To avoid mistakes in choosing mini dress batik, first identify your body type to determine the appropriate batik dress.

  1. Small woman / petite: Petite describe a woman who has a very small body or cungkring. You can outsmart the tricks to apply appropriate dress. Choose a mini dress with an asymmetrical shape or draperis. This type of dress can give the effect of the level and the legs look longer on the wearer. Batik dresses asymmetrical sold in stores with a variety of styles and models, ranging from asymmetric with elongated pieces to the side or to the rear. Dress this model is now booming. This mini canal will look more beautiful when you combine it with high heels. Adjust the color of the dress with the shoes. For example, you can combine batik patterned mini dress red and black with black high-heeled shoes decorated with a red ribbon. There are some restrictions that need to be avoided by a small woman. Do you ever use a model of platform shoes as it will make the legs look shorter. If you want to enhance your appearance by using accessories, select the small size with a simple model. Large accessories will make you look even drowning.
  2. Slender women: Women seem to lean more fortunate when it came to choosing variegated batik dress. To accentuate the impression of sexy, you can wear a dress with simple patterns such as flowers and vertical lines. When they want to go to a party, you can steal the show by wearing a rather low cut dress chest. Add accessories such as belts to give the impression feminine silhouette of your body. Pair with high heels to show the beautiful curves and charming. But do not ever you use batik dresses that are too mini and tight. This will make people think negatively.
  3. Heavyset woman: Who says a heavyset woman can not look feminine ? Never assume that women with a silhouette hips, small waist and chest can not look elegant. By choosing the right batik shirt, you can make up the body as a sweet touch to a woman masculine stature. Select batik mini dress with a pleated or ruffle to show the impression of a fuller body. Wear a beautiful accessory, but not excessive. You can add a unique necklace and wear belts to form curves. Never choose a batik dress with rounded collar edges or tight top dress because it will further highlight your shortcomings. Small breast shape will be reinforced by the selection of clothes as the models. So smart to look for the appropriate mini dress body shape.
  4. Women with a top - heavy body: Top heavy is defined as a woman with a big upper body and small bottom. The average woman with a top heavy body, has great hands and chest, but the legs and a small waist. To show the proportional impression, you need to wear a mini dress with long sleeve pieces. You can also try other ways, namely by focusing on the appearance of the foot shape. Wear a mini dress batik pieces and mix with a blazer to cover the upper part of the body is great. Attention people will increasingly be on foot if you equip it with high heels captivate. There are several models of batik clothes that you need to avoid. Batik shirt with collar and boxy dresses that have too many ornaments on the top is not very suitable because it makes you look bigger.
  5. Women with a pear body shape: If you look pear fruit, of course, the top of the pear is very small while the lower part is very large. Based on that reasoning, you could see that the pear -bodied women have hips, butt and big legs, while the upper body such as the breast rather small. This posture is the opposite of top heavy. Choose a mini dress with a piece of batik open at the top and closed at the bottom to balance the body shape. You can buy a batik dress with V collar so that your upper body look even fuller. Stay away from loose dress with a model at the top and tight at the bottom.

By buying batik mini dress by body shape, you will not regret fallen into turmoil when conducting herself in a mirror.

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