Thursday, March 6, 2014

Various Model Unique Gothic Clothing

If you hear someone mention Gothic Clothes that probably comes to your mind is the style black dress with punk-style makeup, hair dye colors lit with black lips. This style is prevalent in society. But do not always have to dress gothic black. You can display the gothic style with pastel-colored clothing creations such as pink and blue. To expand your horizons about fashion on this one, let's take a peek kinds of gothic clothing.

  1. Sweet Lolita: a gothic dress that emphasizes the impression of cute, funny, and sweet. Suitable for children who incur a teenager. Clothing is dominated by pastel colors like red, beige, blue and pink. Underwear model characterized by knee-length skirts canal is wide and expands. If you want to use black, you need to combine it with a cute motif that impression sweetnya not just disappear. Clothing with various shades can wear if you do not want to appear innocent. Choose shades like a lollipop, flowers, and fruits that can accentuate the feminine side of a teenage boy. For accessories, you could be carrying a teddy bear shaped bag.
  2. Punk Lolita: a gothic dress style that blends punk style with Lolita. Just use torn clothes with chains, safety pins, and pins to be combined with plaid fabric that seem cute and sweet. Hairstyles that are offered by this type of makeup is usually a crew cut and painted with dark colors like blood red and purple.
  3. Classic Lolita: by adopting the current dress style baroque era, Victorian and rocaille. Ditampilan more classic style and elegance with dark colors such as burgundy, pink, old-fashioned white, brown, black and blue. Accessories that can be used ranging from handbags, ornate florals, or headband. This gothic dress model's curves more menonjolan wearer to look sexy.
  4. Gothic Lolita: deemed fit for teenagers who want to portray darkness and the Victorian era through the rococo style of dress. The dominant colors used are a mix of black and white. This gothic clothes are usually decorated with ribbons and lace, while the skirt is equipped with a crinoline or petticoat. Wear black stockings advance or knee socks before wearing boots Mary Jane models. Many accessories that can be used to complete this look, for example, bandanas, dolls, umbrellas, and hats.
  5. Pirate Lolita: incorporate elements of fantasy in depicting a pirate. To show the character Pirate Lolita, use accessories such as bags of treasure or hat-shaped mini Tricone. Tricone is a popular hat at the end of the 17th century before the French revolution reverberate. Clothing worn can be dominated by black mixed with blue to describe the sea.
  6. Maid: The design of the last gothic clothing inspired French maid costumes. The wearer will look cute with wearing high stockings, corsets, and a bandana on his head. Model maid outfit is very popular because it offered a sweet impression. Usually young people will complete this gothic clothes by using a cute apron to show the beauty of a medieval servant.

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